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Wild is the Grass: Fe + C… ➡ Steel?

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“Wild is the Grass” Series
Fe + C… ➡ Steel?
Ata Wong@ Théâtre de la Feuille

Steel is a composite of iron and other elements such as carbon; an alloy.
Acclaimed for high density and anti-corrosion power, steel surpasses iron,
and out-performs pure iron.
But if carbon or other substances are missing during the conversion process,
it ends in rust.
Which is, a piece of scrap.

Obviously lack of value, scrap iron can only be dumped or recycled.
No one wants a dysfunctional metal.
We all fear to have a life like that.

Therefore, those who want to survive in the opposite, must be absolutely determined to get through the way just like the making of steel,
Beating each game.

How many of them do voluntarily undergo the harsh refinement,
and how many of them can eventually succeed to be steel?

Teaming an all-female casts of a dozen members using body and vocal work, Théâtre de la Feuille is going to fuel up Tai Kwun with a larger-than-steel energy.

Note: Language is not a barrier in this programme

Ata Wong @ Théâtre de la Feuille
An independent artist. Retold stories through the arts of bodies.

Ata Wong

Lei Yuen-hung

Costume Designers:
Stephen Fan
Sin Chun-kit

Composer & performer:
Heidi Law

Cheung Ka-man
Chong Cheuk-lam
Chung Cho-yu
Fong Ka-nam
Ho Ching-man
Ho Yuen-shan
Helen Kwok
Lam Ka-ting
Lam Lok-yee
Lee Ching-yan
Jovita Siu
Summer Tai
Adrianna Tang
Lorraine Yu
Tse Mei-fung
Law Yuk-yin

Rehearsal Assistant:
Summer Tai

Production Assistant:
Jovita Siu

Schedule & Venue


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun (Gathering Point: No. 16 Old Bailey Street)


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun (Gathering Point: No. 16 Old Bailey Street)