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Wild is the Grass: Legend of Hao Hao

Yang Hao x Wu King-yeung

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“Wild is the Grass” Series
Legend of Hao Hao
Yang Hao x Wu King-yeung

Before, there was Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer.
Today, here’s Yang Hao and his contemporary dance-up comedy!

Yang Hao and Alice Rensy blazed a new trail in 2018, fusing stand up comedy with contemporary dance theatre to create a new breed of theatre— dance-up comedy!

Legend of Hao Hao combines Yang Hao’s critique of his own identity as an artist and sudden inspirations that come of boredom life. In collaboration with a free-spirited theatre playwright – Wu King-yeung, a new character full of Quixotic pathos is born: Hao Hao.

Hao Hao finds himself in the tide of history, caught in the midst of clashing Eastern and Western cultures. His soul is torn apart by artistic ideals and the reality of a low-income life, and with nothing left to lose, he takes a risk and attempts to duct-tape his split selves back together. In a fusion of dance and laughs, he rebels against the common crowd, and lets loose his truest ideals!

* Together with awfully hilarious short videos. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. No refund though.

Note: Performed in Cantonese with NO subtitles.

Yang Hao
A dedicated artist kickstarted an endless journey with dancing.

Wu King-yeung
A Hong Kong playwright.

Yang Hao

Alice Rensy

Wu King-yeung

Choreography & Performance:
Li Tuo-kun

Special Appearance in video:
Jonathan G Spigner、Christopher Pang、Bryan Bentley、Luis Cabrera

Andreas Guzman

Christopher Ross Ewart

Image Design:
Trista Ma

Stage Manager:
Zita Lo

Assistant Stage Managers:
Zac Wong
Jaime Ho

Schedule & Venue


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun