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Wild is the Grass: Paradise: Epilogue

Jabin Law x Chan Kwun-fee

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“Wild is the Grass” Series
Paradise: Epilogue
Jabin Law x Chan Kwun-fee

Gazing at the kaleidoscopic world, we dare to despair,
Let’s open a concert thirty minutes before the doomsday,
Trading music as drug, trading off ourselves meanwhile.
When the day ends, we too become forgeries;
The pseudo-sun rises tomorrow, and we celebrate.
It’s too late for reality, farewell.

Jabin Law and Chan Kwun-fee collaborate to initiate a creative piece combining music and body work. Looking up the fantasyland of the outside world from the prison, the duo brings out original scores to converse with the filth on the loose mud and sprawling weeds, and illustrates the decadence and mirage for a soon-approaching downfall of the real world. The prelude comes as the epilogue. Live music corresponds with body movements.

Note: Performed with some Cantonese with NO subtitles.

Jabin Law
A Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter. His music bears the weight of urbanism.

Chan Kwun-fee
A theatre creator, director, performer and traveller. She takes body as subject and medium, creating space and experience.

Concept / Composer / Musician:
Jabin Law (guitar)

Concept / Director:
Chan Kwun-fee

Vic Tsui (percussion)
Isaac So (guitar)
Lui Ngao-yuen (bass)

Melissa Leung*
Emily Ng

Rehearsal Assistant:
Maze Chan

Costume Designer:
Leung Tsz-wai

Stage Manager:
Chan Lok-sze

Assistant Stage Managers:
Zac Wong
Jaime Ho

*Participating in the project with the support of CCDC

Schedule & Venue


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun