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Wild is the Grass: Report i – Which I am I

Ivanhoe Lam x Santayana Li

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“Wild is the Grass” Series

Report i – Which I am I
Ivanhoe Lam x Santayana Li

A report on one side of me
Am I the I you decide I will be?

A Movement Theatre Piece inspired by F. Kafka’s A Report to an Academy
in dialogue with the Prison Yard in Tai Kwun.

This is the place where the new ones are nurtured to run the world.
When a non-human transforms into a human,
Something like language starts to flash across the animal’s mind:

“My eyes follow your eyes follow me
Is it the only side you can see?
Am I the I you decide
Or the side I conceal?
Rules dividing right from wrong
Could I perform myself as I want?”

Note: Performed in Cantonese and English with English subtitles

Chun-ho Ivanhoe LAM
32 years old. Choreographer / Movement Director. He sets the darkness dancing out under the beam of the spotlight.

Santayana Li
Hong Kong actress and playwright, depicting the intrinsicality of human which cannot be told.

Concept / Director:
Ivanhoe Lam

Creative Text:
Santayana Li
Kent Foran

Composer / Performer:
Shane Aspegren

Creator / Performer:
Chester Wong
Aaron Martin

Image Designer:
Kary Kwok

Image Design Assistant:
Brian Hin

Stage Manager:
Luk Wo-ping

Assistant Stage Managers:
Zac Wong
Jaime Ho

Surtitle Operator
Tsang Nim-chi

CCDC Dance Centre
WING Platform

Schedule & Venue


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun