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Wild is the Grass

Ivanhoe Lam x Santayana Li, Yang Hao x Wu King-yeung, Jabin Law x Chan Kwun-fee, Ata Wong@ Théâtre de la Feuille

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Across the boundaries between language, body and music
Four forces spin up the high brick ward

Wild grass, over the boundless wasteland, in between the concrete’s fissures, through the obscure moments, grows all in a sudden.
Wild grass, as a metaphor, reaches out to its own space regardless of physical constraints.

Four sets of distinctive creation quarterly parted to examine the experience and reflection of life in multifaceted conditions.

Based on first-hand experience of the artist, a bombardment of everyday struggle and identity crisis unfolds upon collective anxiety and insecurity at our complicated time, over reflexes and sensibilities of how we, as human beings, ceaselessly survive and progress for the inevitable self-discovery and the baffling future against the end of the world.

Powerless yet potent, discouraged yet hopeful, the contradicting feelings call for the four dynamics of assorted intensity unrolling to series of cross-boundary exploration of content and form. Slightly dislocated from the habitual zone and boldly catalyzed by original collaborators, fresh ideas and unexpected experiments are going to sparkle.

Report i – Which I am I (Ivanhoe Lam x Santayana Li)

Fe + C… ➡ Steel? (Ata Wong@ Théâtre de la Feuille)

Legend of Hao Hao (Yang Hao x Wu King-yeung)

Paradise: Epilogue (Jabin Law x Chan Kwun-fee)

25-28.1.2019 (Fri-Mon)
Tai Kwun (Prison Yard)

Free-of-charge, reservation in advance required

Curated & Produced by orleanlaiproject

Curator & Producer: Orlean Lai / orleanlaiproject
Creative & Production Partner: Ng Tsz-kwan / yU+Co.[lab}
Production Manager: Mousey Tse
Assistant Production Manager: Bonita Ho
Project Coordinators: Haze Cheng, Kobe Ho
Lighting Designer: Zoe Cheung
Assistant Lighting Designer & Lighting Programmer: Dikky Ng
Sound Coordinator: Neville Li
Production Electricians: Adonic LoYau Ngar-yuk
Key Art Photographer: Bobby Sham
Graphic Design: Pollux Kwok

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Prison Yard, Tai Kwun